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Q- You are out of smoked lenses, can I send you my own for you to install on my light?

A- Yes you can. If your sending in your own clear or smoked lens, the price will be the same as the red lens equivalent of your light.

Q- How does the $20 refund for the (Lightning/Firebolt/1125R and CR) housing work?

A- You simply order one of our assemblies; We build it and send it to you. After you install the assembly and are pleased with the results, you mail us your original housing. (In good shape, no cracks, no holes, and no damage whatsoever.) This is the silver/grey, half-dome, plastic piece the light bulb fits into. Note: Also, please send in the 3 metal tabs that connect to light bulb, as well as the clear license plate lens.

Q- Can I swap out the lens for a different color without sending it in?

A- No, The lens we install is shaved and sealed to your lights housing to ensure water does not get in and harm the circuitry. Breaking this seal will void the warranty and possibly cause irreversible damage to your light if water does get in.

Q- What kind of LED relay do I need for the turn signals?

A- If converting from stock turn signals (which are bulbs) to LED turn signals, in most cases you will need and LED relay to slow down the blink rate. One of these relay's is offered by American Sportbike and can be found by following this link.

Q- Can you explain some of the internal circuitry?

A- Simply put, all our LEDs are current regulated which means the level of brightness will be constant. We also install various safety circuitry to guard against power surges.

Q- Do I have to do any wiring if I buy a tail light from you?

A- NO! All of our assemblies come with stock connections. Full plug and play. (This includes turn signals as well.)

Q- Do I have to glue the board in the housing?

A- NO! All our tail light assemblies come completed and sealed. Housing, internal board full of LED’s, lens and all stock electrical connections. Only thing you have to do is open the box and install onto your bike (2 screws.)

Q- I already own a clear lens. To reduce my cost, can I send it to you beforehand to install on my tail assembly?

A- YES, you can. Just let me know upfront that you already have one, and I’ll get you the info to send it our way. Once here, we can install it on your unit so you can save money!

Q- Why do you reuse the housing?

A- With a housing, there are no wearable items. To reduce cost to you, we can simply re-use the housings, with no worries over reliability. Be aware, the housing is the only item that may be re-used. The lens and all internals will be BRAND NEW.

Q- What LED's do you use?

A- XB Lights uses Lumiled LED's (except for license plate illumination). These are top-quality and made by Philips which are used in many high-end, European automobile tail lights.

Q- Approximately how long will it take for me to receive my light?

A- This can vary depending on how many orders we have. Generally, we try our hardest to have your light mailed within two to three weeks.