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"This was by far the BEST spent money for my bike. This light was so easy to install and looks FANTASTIC! Took maybe 5 min tops to plug and play. I messaged XB lights and told them my story how i am a paramedic looking for a red cross like custom tail light. After numerous E-mails we worked out what lens would look the best, what configuration and what color. The customer support i received was by far the best i have ever encountered from any retailer. I strongly urge anyone looking for a new tail light that WILL be seen and is so cool that it will bring up plenty of conversation to contact these guys. I call it my rescue cycle!"
-Andrew Skousen. 09 1125CR

"We recently ordered two of your integrated lights for our Lightnings. †Just writing to tell you how great the tail lights are! †Here are some pics from bike #1's install. †This is the SCG (Miriam's). Tomorrow we hope to get Jon's installed - his is the SS Long. †It really cleaned up the backend. †Looking forward to putting some miles on the bikes this weekend. †Thanks for a great product."
-Miriam & Jon Brown. 09 XB12SCG, 09 XB12SS

"I wasn't originally planning on buying a l.e.d. tail light but after realizing how dull the stock light is†I became concerned about the people†behind me. After contacting Robert, I†told him I'd love to buy one of his lights for my 04 XB12S†but my†income was uncertain. He was very understanding and patient to work with†me until†I had the funds. I†also told him I'd like to have a†smoked lens which just so happens he had something for me. It is darker than most lenses, possibly considered black. I'm very happy with my purchase†and wouldn't change a thing.†Like other customers I can only say that the†light is very visible with signals. The†quality speaks for itself, unmatched by the aftermarket, and†built by a stand up man. I now have a 09†Firebolt to leave stock but†I†plan†on ordering another light if my girlfriend picks up a†Buell"
-Jason Pennington. '04 XB12S

Admittedly, I was hesitant about shelling out the funds for an LED tail light from xblights.com. Even though I've heard nothing but good things about Robert and the way he conducts business, I couldn't help but be apprehensive. They are not cheap by any meaning of the word, and there are other options... but after being disappointed with the other options, i went ahead and purchased an option #6. BOY, AM I SATISFIED!

I feel that I really got my moneys worth, unlike with the other products I tried. Even the 2010 Buell LED tail light (with about a dozen LEDs) doesn't even hold a candle to the products from Robert. The installation could not have been simpler ; direct 'plug and play', and I had no problems getting the job done with just the tools that came with the bike.... almost like it was meant to be done ... Not only are these LED's the brightest I have seen, but there are so many packed in that circuit board. The sections, despite their size, will make you squint from across the way. I feel this was one of the easiest, and best modifications I have done. I feel safer knowing that I'm not gonna get creamed by the guy driving behind me because they didn't see my puny brake lights.
-Matt Vanella from VA.† '03 XB9S, '09 1125R

It was so easy to install and like on my Buell, I like it on my new bike !I sold my Buell to buy this new one, I had a lot of fun with the Buell. Regards
-Jean-Pierre, Wakan one hundred

Hi All, I†work for Latus Motors Harley Davidson and Buell, in Oregon. We are the largest†Dealership in the NorthWest,†and†the number 1 Buell Dealer in the world.†I love†Passionately selling the Fun and Freedom only†Motorcycling†Provides, one rider at a time. Personally, I ride a 2009 Buell†Lightning. I love its†agility, handling, cornering,†and coolness. "Arguably the coolest bike ever built!" ha ha.†But,†I was looking for more visibility (some lady almost ran me off the road), so I decided to find a†Headlight Modulator, and an LED taillight.††Even though, I see tons of different accessories,†after market goodies, and†taillight options†everyday, nothing seemed to fit my high standards. Then I came across "xblights.com". In my opinion, they are by far the brightest and most well engineered light, I have ever seen.†I liked them so much†I†had to have them. Now, I ride around everyday with my XBlight,†and not one person has ran me off the road since.†

I highly recommend this safety product. " Loud Lights†SAVE Lives"
-"Harley" Carly Daoust, 2009 Lightning

The light looks and works awesome!
-Carson P., 2008 1125R

Finally i've got your light. I bought the option 6 light with the integrated turn signals, and as i said before i installed it in the weekend.
Must say the installment was very easy and was a perfect fit, thanks to your very nice support for the connectors it was just plug and play!!!
Light works and looks awesome with those two stripes. I already had an LED light but this looks more better and finally i got rid of those ugly standard turn signal lights.
I can recommend your lights to anyone who wants something special, and I can give you two thumps up!!!
Great work.
-Luc Killaars from Netherlands 2002 XB9R

Not one for liking 'bling' or chrome I usually don't stray too far from the norm on stuff for my bike. However, functional items are a priority for me. If it doesn't make me go faster, handle better, or stop faster I don't want it. Most LED lights and/or bulbs I've seen were pathetic. When Robert started making his lights I watched for a while to see what he would come up with. After seeing a few pictures I decided I would buy one. I really worry about the idiots that can't drive down here where I am coming up on me quick and not seeing me. The stock tail light is not very bright. After installing the new light I am confident that whoever is behind me knows I'm there. Especially if I tap the brake. It is bright! I have installed an HID light in my low beam so now I can see and be seen from front and rear. I feel safer in the fact that people can see me much better. Well worth the money. Don't waste your time or hard earned money on anything else. It really is better than anything else out there. Robert is great to deal with and will work with you to get you the light you are after. It is truly amazing the difference between the stock light and XBLights. Thanks Robert!
- M.Oldfield (specialops-online.com) Enterprise, AL.

If you want a TRICK tail light, this is the one to buy!† This light is the option 6, with the clear lens, and integrated signals.† I could have not have spent my money else where and had received a better quality light!† And I mean that, I don't give out compliments unless they are due.† Ever since I started planning on how I was going to modify my bike, I knew I wanted a high quality integrated tail light.† And does this one fit the bill.† As for XBLights customer service, it's excellent.† Robert kept me informed on when the light was expected to be completed and shipped, while he answered all my questions in an expedient fashion.† I can't say enough about the light and Robert as a business man.† Both are superior!† As for the receiving "$20 back when you send in your stock tail light housing" I'm hanging onto my stock housing, so if one day (which I doubt) I sell my current Buell, the stock light goes back on, and the XBLight is going on the new Buell.
† Thanks again for such an excellent quality, TRICK light!
-Adam Boney, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 2008 XB12Ss

"I wanted a clear lens, custom design taillight for my XB12Ss, so I contacted Mr. Hall at XB Lights. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), Mr. Hall informed me that his LEDs would be too bright for the style I wanted. After some mutual brainstorming, I decided on a design. I chose a straight line of LEDs running the width of the light, through the center. This design is meant to mimic a flat-line in a heart rate monitor (long story why I went with this design) and was Mr. Hall's idea. Anywho, the day my light arrived I was leaving on a day trip to Deadwood, South Dakota. I opened the package in the parking lot of the post office. My brother-in-law (visiting at the time from the Republic of Panama) and I eagerly inspected the unit. We both noted the quality and craftsmanship. From there we left on our trip and had a great day. After arriving home from our trip at about about eleven-thirty that night, we went straight to installing the new light. The new light installed in the same manner as the stock version. This piece is well constructed and performs better than advertised. Pictures just donít do justice. The running light alone is bright enough to hurt/"mark" the eyes if stared at for short periods of time, very noticeable. Application of the brake floods the aft of the motorcycle with extremely bright light. Day or night, it WILL be noticed. I am more than pleased with my purchase (an investment in safety) of my XB Light. Thank you, Mr. Hall!"
-Michael G. from Wyoming, 2008 XB12Ss

"I recently purchased an Option 1 brake lamp replacement for my '05 CityX, and could not be more impressed.† It was my first electrical mod purchase for my first bike, and thanks to BadWeb guiding me to Rob, I know I made an excellent choice.† Rob's focus on Buell's, constant updates, and instant response time made it a stress-free experience, one that I would happily repeat for any future bike that I own."
-Foy R. from Arizona, 2005 XB9SX

"I like the look of the Lightning Long, but I wanted the whole bike to be a stand out machine. The stock light simply does not allow this, so when I heard about XBLights, I thought Iíd give them a try (there isnít a lot of aftermarket parts in Australia after all). From Robís website, I knew I wanted the clear light with integrated turn signals, but was unsure of how to go about ordering, paying etc. Robís service was outstanding, his communication was excellently maintained and delivered, and at no stage of the transaction did I feel nervous about buying from him. He really went out of his way to make it as smooth as possible. The product itself is as others have said, but to really appreciate the value of what you pay, you will need to view the light in person. The quality is excellent, the visibility of the turn signals is extremely good (Iíd say better than the stock bulbs!), and as it really is a matter of unplug the old and plug up the new, installation takes a matter of seconds, even for one so mechanically challenged as I. Rob, thanks for a great service and a great product!"
-Doug from Australia, 2008 XB12Ss

"I just installed my new tail light. The fit and finish is superb and the look is very contemporary with the clear lens. I compared the difference with my wife's bike and it is with out a doubt worth it! You can barely tell that my wife's brakes are on in the day time compared to the XBLights! I was a little skeptical about paying so much for a tail light, but the added safety is worth any cost. I guess I've got to fork over a couple hundred bucks and get my wife one too :-) Robert was a pleasure to deal with, keeping me informed constantly on the status of my order. His customer service is first rate and model of what a small business person should do to ease the anxiety of buyers used to dealing with larger organization. Two thumbs up."
-Eric H. from Alabama, 2009 XB12Ss

"Just bought the clear lens with built in turn signals and tag light.Looks and performs awesome. Cleans up the back of the bike. Also puts out a much brighter light than stock. A friend was riding behind me and said it was a lot brighter. Then I hit the brakes! About blinded him. Robert was great to work with. He communicated constantly the progress of the light and when I could get it. Thanks for an awesome light Robert."
-Bret A. from Texas. XB12R

"Show me something better!? I dare you!? Not only is this THE BEST L.E.D. taillight I have ever seen but the customer service is second to none.? The attention to detail in the planning and construction of these lights is awesome. I was more than happy to pay "more" for the quality parts that these lights are made of. That is the classic two strip running light and clear lens w/ integrated turn signals that I have on my XB12Ss.??? To anyone considering "saving a few bucks because all L.E.D lights are the same", save yourself the trouble and pay for the quality and service that comes with placing an order with Robert.? You won't regret it, and if you do, go buy a clear alternatives light to put on your jap bike!? XBLIGHTS goes hand in hand with Buell - Different in Every Sense"
-Kevyn B. from Texas. 2007 XB12Ss

"A few month ago I seen an add for custom led lights and I figured I would ask if he could do this design for me a cross with a blue led in the middle, after a few emails trying to get it right I gave him the go ahead to make it, neither of us new how it would come out but it is the best looking light I have seen and is like jewelry for the bike, I also hooked up a brake light flasher for led lights and it will strobe the lights adding even more detail and safety to the bike and get people asking me about it, I hope to give him more business down the road I have some better idea to do and I know he will not disappoint me, I highly recommend Robert for doing you rear lights and do not be afraid to think something up for him to do he is more than capable of doing it which is hard to find someone that does really good work and will do custom work too."
-Mike S. from Massachusetts, 2008 1125R

"I want to publicly thank Robert for the custom tail-light he made for my new Buell 1125R. This bike was so new, Robert and I worked together to make it a reality. I e-mailed him pictures and measurements for wire lengths, routing and terminations. The finished product he sent me was just that, a finished product. Well designed and beautifully executed, it was a drop-in fit. With his light, I was able to make my bike the way i envisioned it, not the way the Buell looked when she arrived. The integrated stop/tail/turn with clear lens allowed me to clean up the looks perfectly. Any tail-light needs I have in the future, I know who to call."
-Zack W. from Colorado, 2008 1125R

"After owning my new XB for less than 3 days, I decided I wanted better visibility to other drivers. The first step I took was to order an XBLights rear LED tail light set up. The assembly was built and sent out in no time, and it even took less time to install (less than 20 minutes). Everything was plug and play, all connections worked perfectly with the OEM connectors and the quality if the light is fantastic. I ordered option 4 with the integrated turn signals, which are extremely bright. Overall, the whole brightness of the running light as well as the brake light far surpasses the intensity of the OEM incandescent by 10 fold. Bright sunlight cant even compete with the high power LEDs that are used. Robert was extremely helpful in being sure I received the exact configuration I wanted. Custom arrangements can also be made for someone wanting something different. I recommend this upgrade for anyone wanting to personalize their bike and wanting to have the peace of mind that their safety is increased by better visibility to other drivers. Thanks Robert!!!!"
-George B. from Nevada, 2007 XB12

"I got this light for safety reasonsÖ.and the coolness factor! Itís extremely visible during the day and ridiculously bright at night. It they canít see you with this tail light, theyíre definitely blind! Very cool and worth the extra dough."
-Erik E. from California, 2008 XB12S

"The XBLights LED Tail light, in my opinion, is a must have upgrade for Buell motorcycles. This upgrade draws less power, reduces maintenance due to longer life of LED's and is much brighter than the stock unit. Saftey is always a concern for motorcyclists and any modification that improves visibility translates into risk reduction. Bottom line I am very pleased with my XBlights product and more importantly with their excellent customer service. It's a high quality product that has significantly functionaly superior to the stock unit."
-Bryan M. from North Carolina, 2008 1125R

"Just installed my lights, cant get the grin off my face! They are very bright and very visible from behind! (I switched bikes with my friend so I could admire the tail) I backed up a good block away and could still see clearly which way he was turning..and it was 5 o'clock in the afternoon. I'm so glad I didn't go with the "other" brand I was going to get on ebay! Robert kept me informed often to let me know what was going on and any questions I had.. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THESE! Thanks Robert!!"
-Ian from Indiana, 2006 XB12ss

"It has been my true pleasure to have done business with Robert at XBLights. He was prompt to answer any questions I had even prior to me ordering the tail light assembly, was good at letting me know at what stage he was building the assembly, and when to expect it at my doorstep. The results of the Robert's LED's is far superior than that of the stock setup or any LED setup I have seen on other bikes. Having worked with electronics for most of my life, I can say that quality and reliability are #1 on Robert's mind when he is putting together these assemblies. My riding buddies always comment about how bright the light is when the brakes are applied and even when they aren't. Safety is always an issue when on a motorcycle and this setup simply cannot be ignored by anyone who comes up from behind. The XBLights clear-lens assembly is a great aesthetic mod for any bike, but even more important is the added level of safety that it suggests. It is cheap and smart insurance for you and your bike. If you are considering a tail light mod for your bike, you will be hard pressed to find a better product for your XB than an XBLights assembly and even harder pressed to find someone better to work with than Robert. You will be thankful if you do."
-Jo from California, 2005 XB12R Firebolt

"I just received my tail light from XB Lights for my XB12Scg. Not being a big fan of intergrated turn signals I ordered option one; Brake light only, 2-strip running lights, with red lens. Assembly took me four minutes but the first two minutes were spent looking for the screw driver. Seriously, this is the easiest, quickest and coolest looking mod I've done to my bike so far. All you do is disconnect three wires from the stock housing by gently pulling them off. Then remove two screws. Just two screws is all it takes for the whole tail light assembly to pop right out. Then simply place the XB lights LED assembly in. Screw in the included new screws, reconnect the three wires by gently pushing them on and viola! Piece of cake. Easy as pie. What you get is a stunning piece of beauty. The two running strips is quite unique and is a sight to behold. It looks aggressive & dashing all at the same time. The LEDs are quite bright, brighter than I was expecting and the quality is top notch. Robert (XB Lights) is clearly a man who takes great care and pride in his work."
- Tom Lucchesi from California, 2005 XB12Scg

"It's very easy to have a safe and bright Tail/Brake ! Just buy it from XB lights. It was very simple to swap with the stock one, the longest job was to remove the seat ! Not easy to take a picture, it's so bright. Very visible during the day, not like the Cl... Al.... I had before. Robert Hall made a very top quality light, I never see a best one until now. He is very professional and a guy top of the world, he told me that the shipping was less than what I paid, he was ready to send me a refund. Do you often see such an honest guy, (in France most of the dealers are ready to extort you). Deal with him, it worth it" One more time thanks a lot and sorry for my so bad English!"
-Jean-Pierre from France, XB9S

"I had no idea how simple it was going to be to have a brighter, safer tail/brake light. If you can turn a screwdriver, you can install this light. It probably took me longer to get it out of the packaging then it takes to do the swap. It looks just like a stock light (actually it is, except for the innards) until you turn it on. then watch those eyes, if you're too close it almost hurts to look at because it's so bright. Robert is great to work with, he lets you know every step of the way, the progress of your order. He answered all my emails within hours of me sending them. Great customer service and a great product, I would recommend XBlights to everyone who is even remotely interested in upgrading their lights."
-Mike L. from Utah, 2006 XB12Ss

"Just installed my new LED taillight and I could not be happier. The quality of the work is second to none. it looks like a factory part. Robert is excellent to work with and kept me well informed of the progress of my order. If you want a well made light donít hesitate to order it from xblights."
-Matt from Colorado, 2003 Buell XB9S Lightning

"I bought your light mainly because the turn signals on my previous Clxxx Alxxxxxxxxxs LED light were invisible during the day. When I saw pics of the XBlights.com set-up I thought I would give it a shot. Received my option 4 tail lamp yesterday and was very impressed by the completeness if the kit. Clxxx Alxxxxxxxxxs sends you a LED card, some piggyback connectors, and terrible instructions with pretty much all other makes of bikes except actual Buell install notes. XBlights.com tail lamp comes as a sealed unit with with factory connectors. It was plug and play with no drilling the housing for turn signal. Light output is incredible. The 2 running strips look very cool,especially at night. I noticed a little before dusk today that I could see the light from the tail lamp in my rear view mirror. There were 2 strips behind me while just the running lights were on, and when I hit the brake is was like I had a red floodlight on the back of my bike(from my rear view that is). Both running and brake lights are highly visible all the time. The turn signals also are very visible in the daytime, making me feel much safer. Turn signals also can be seen in rear view when it gets dark. No light was ever visible in rear view from the Clxxx Alxxxxxxxxxs. I know it's water tight as well because I got to ride home in heavy rain this afternoon! Just wish I didn't spend $90 bucks on an ok light before I found this awesome one. Thanks, Charlie"
-Charlie from Florida, 2004 Buell XB9R Firebolt

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